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Who we are

SEP from more than 50 years is a dynamic and in evolution  firm,  specialized
in the production of small machines for agricolture, granting quality, professionality
and details care.
SEP is a constant synonymous of reliability, use of new material, and updated design
research, utilizing the most upgraded technologies , and it developed such big range of
products , suitable for any need, either professional than for the pure  pleasure  to enjoy Nature
and its Seasons, with an mindful eye on Enviroment.
SEP: helps Earth to give its best.


Area Riservata

Barbieri Srl - SEDE LEGALE: Piazza Don Luigi Sturzo n. 15 00144 ROMA, SEDE OPERATIVA: Via Seccalegno, 23 - 36040 Sossano (VI) Italy - PRIVACY / COOKIE
Tel: +39 0444.885722 - Fax: 0444.885482 - E-mail: - P.IVA 02402130245 - Isc. reg. imp. Vicenza - n. REA RM-1501702 - CAP.SOC 900.000 - Powered by Webcola